Friday, 16 May 2014

Update ❤

Hey guys, I know I haven't been updating this blog. And it's a really bad thing, i know. Sorry about that, I have just been running errands most of the time and things weren't so easy to handle at only one particular time. However, I want to start of by saying, I miss you. I have soo much to talk about and things right now are driving me crazy. It all relates to University, temptations, foods, boyfriend and so on..

University has and have always been driving me crazy, although I am in my first year and doing an fDa course, It can get a little stressful. Especially, if you want to go into further studies like nursing. I don't know If I have mentioned this on my blog, but I got two offers for adult nursing in march which were in Salford Uni and UCLAN. I need to make a decision before June though, stated in UCAS. So I'm trembling on what choices I am going to choose to study adult nursing. They also both required me to pass my fDA course to be able to go into the program. Thus, I need to give all my best to at least pass everything. Considering, I got a distinction on my presentations and a pass on my essay; I am not entirely sure how it works. But i'm thinking I will be just fine. I just finished completing another essay about aggression, I KNOW RIGHT. And the submission of my EPD portfolio which was a bitch to do. Ridiculously, with all my stupidity of me not checking it and completing it, I left it last minute, as usual. Nothing new there. This had lead me to stay up for more than 24 hours,  which gave me a terrible headache and dizziness. On the other hand, I did feel relieved and ready now for the upcoming exam which is all about the anatomy of the body. oh how lovely.

Temptations, I do have a weak spot when it comes to foods, sweets, makeup and super cute clothes. From the last update, I do not recall giving out any hints on what I have been purchasing and whatnot, But I will ensure to post that on another post. I'm so excited to share it with you guys! I bought also a camera because I decided to start Vlogging again, it was so much fun, especially, when I get to spend more time with my boyfriend, Alistair.

Foods? OMG. How can I start with foods... Recently, I have discovered that I like or maybe love Sushi?. Specifically, the Avocado Maki from Yo Sushi! OMG. I just can't get enough of it, it was so yummy and healthy. No wonder, it was one of their best selling foods. Another is the obsession of purchasing Pistachio Macaroons from Patisserie Valeri and their ice creams. Yummy. I even started cooking my own version of filipino spaghetti and it was DELISSSSSSCiOUSSS.

During these past weeks, there was a week or two when my boyfriend was left alone at his house with their cutey puppy. His parents went on holiday therefore, left him to do some of the house work. Ha Ha, poor baby pots. I came to visit him for a few days to give him company and also because I missed his company. It was nice living with him. Nonetheless, he gave me good news that he got another job in London, which was both exciting and yet sad because I won't see him as much. But I want what's best for him, what makes him happy and what also will help him get a better job. I'm so proud of him. When was I never proud any way?. He's amazing.

Below are some pictures that I would like to share with you: 

This image is of me in Alistair's parent's toilet. It was really nice, the lighting and the theme. Greek.
These photos are from when me and Alistair went to Trafford. I bought my first Jo Malone purchase of a lovely buttery body cream which smells like heaven. Avocado Maki, my fav as stated in the above statement. Also, the endless choices of flavours from Patisserie Valeri. 

I have been loving Zara atm especially, there new launch of summer must-haves. Obviously, its a must to get something summery or pastel coloured clothing/accessories. I tried this Jacket and the dress, both of which were gorgeous but I just didn't know what to feel yet at the moment and so instead of getting it, i returned it. haha. I don't really want to buy a product where I have doubts about it because I just want to fall in love with it after first glance and try. 

My friend from boxing loves to go Shisha, he was the reason why I started to love Shisha in Manchester. LOL. He introduced me to this place in Curry Mile, which was really spacious and beautiful inside. I will post more pictures of the place when I visit again or I'm not sure if its available online. MEEH*


Contrary with the second and third picture, At the same day; I got my eye checked because ever since surgery in the Philippines. I did not get to have my eye checked here in UK. Thus, I went to get it check. Just kidding, I wanted to try and wear the FreshLook Eye contacts. Unfortunately, the optician did not recommend it, sad times. But he showed me that I can have reading glasses then proceeded on giving me a trial use of it. I fell in love and searched for a good frame. First try of these Radley babies, it was so cute. My boyfriend even loved it. 

Yellow. Yellow. I got a different purchase in Zara. It was perfect for my figure. 


I will end this post with some of the snapchats I took with my phone, it will be silly of me If I did not post it in my blog. Ha Ha. 
Thank you for reading this post guys, I missed you all.

Sette xo