Thursday, 31 July 2014

London Makeup Haul ❤ TBT

Whilst, I was looking through my blog; I noticed that I didn't mention what I have bought in London. Therefore, as it is thursday. I will make this a #throwbackthursday post. Below are some pictures that I have took of the products I am loving right now as well. I got all these products from Make-up Studio Professional Makeup shop. They have a variety of products from different companies like Illamasqua, Ben Nye, RCMA, Derma Palette etc. Most products are very well known and are used also for SFX Makeup in Hollywood Industries. The rest of the products are from the usual drugstores (Boots & Super drug) also Selfridges


List of the products: (to be updated)
  • Ben Nye Powder #Cameo
  • Kiehls Avocado Eye Cream #20ml
  • Sleek Molten Metal
  • Eyelure
  • MUA Velvet Lipgloss
  • GOSH Metallic Eye Pencils

Swatches of most of the products

Tyler Rose Garden ❤️

Family. Brother and Cousin. 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

£5 Off All Lipsticks at Debenhams!

Since its national lipstick day in the UK. Debenhams has announced an online exclusive offer of £5 off on any lipstick purchase for today only. Grab your lipsticks, friends. Great bargain indeed!

New buys at Ulta and Selfie ❤️

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Khloe Kardashian Dark Lips Inspired Makeup Tutorial (Collaboration) ❤

Hi friends, I am back with another tutorial but this time, it will be a collaboration with both pretty ladies, Shaye Ocampo & Janhela (elasianfashionbeauty). I am so excited to collaborate with them especially with this inspired makeup look featuring the Kardashians. We all know that the media has been evolving a lot at the Kardashian family and most people look up to them for beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc. Therefore, It was a must for me to try out and recreate Khloe Kardashian's makeup look. Overall, I am very happy with the outcome. If you want to see how I have done this makeup inspired look, here is the link: 


Shaye Ocampo:


The products mentioned and used in this video:

#Propose in Praque
#Lust in LA
#Forever in Florence
Brushes Used:
  • Synthetic Fibre-end brushes - Amazon
  • Real Technique Brushes
  • Louise Young LY07 Brush

Inspired Image:

I hope you all enjoyed this look as much as I have creating and editing and all that jazz. Please check out Shaye Ocampo's version of Kardashian Inspired Makeup as well as Elasianfashionbeauty's look. 

Thank you for tuning in with me, 
Love you all.

Sette Ventura. ❤

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Fav. Tips / Advice / Chit-Chats ❤

Recently, I just stumbled upon this website whilst I was just browsing through those group makeup forums on Facebook. Some lady posted this on the group page: 

This certain article is very intriguing as I can imagine how makeup artist will have experienced these events more than twice during their job. As I am not a fully MUA but I do wish I will eventually pursue a career in the beauty field along with graduating and obtaining a degree in nursing. Ahh! So many plans for the future. Anyways, speaking of the article and reading through all the points included in it. Even If I am not a fully MUA; I can understand how makeup artists face all those points as the beauty trend has been continuously changing and evolving especially when celebrities endorsed, some kind of selfie i.e. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, etc. 

These are the details / points that are shown in the article:

1. As much as we would want to do your makeup for free, we can’t. 

Believe or not, we would love to do your makeup for free. Why? Because we love doing what we do, which is why we pursued this career. I see myself doing people’s faces everyday, learning new techniques and working with different types of beauties. No matter how naturally creative or talented a makeup artist is, we can never say no to new knowledge. Just like any other career, we mature through experience, but we just can’t do your makeup for free. First of all, gas is not free. Makeup products and getting all shades of eye shadows, foundations, blushes, and lipsticks are not free. In fact, the good and long-lasting ones are pricey. Getting big ass mirrors with good light bulbs, and those comfortable makeup chairs you’re sitting on aren’t free either. Educating ourselves to be the best at what we do is also not free. 

2. X Deals are okay, but only under certain conditions.

Like internships, we accept X Deals only if we see an advantage to our learning, our career, or our interests.  Other than that, if we still accept the deal, it means you are important to us. Makeup artists will always have a soft spot for loyal clients. We are willing to give discounts, or even make your next appointment free (which I hope does not negate my point in number one). 

3. Please tell us if you don’t like what we did to your face.

I learned this when I was working for MAC Cosmetics when an unsatisfied customer approached me and said she hated how the salon did her hair and makeup. She asked for help and requested for a do over. Once it was over, I thought to myself, if ever the same situation happened to me, I wish my client would fearlessly tell me. It’s true, because first, you probably paid for it. Second, being a makeup artist is not about us. It’s about you. 

4. Makeup is never meant to change your face. It is meant to enhance your beauty. 

If there was only one thing you must know about makeup, it would be this one. The makeup artists I admire are the ones who specify in natural beauty and healthy looking skin. If your makeup artist changed the way you look to the point where in people you know could no longer recognize you, it means he/she did your face wrong. “You look great!” will always, always be better than “Wow, you look different!” We hope you remember that. 

5. On the contrary, makeup teaches you how to appreciate beauty rather than hating your face without it.

Before I became a makeup artist, I couldn’t step out of the house without my everyday makeup on. I felt uncomfortable, incomplete, and ugly without it. When I studied makeup, I learned how to appreciate my face and its features because you can never truly love makeup if you don’t appreciate all types of beauty. My bare face now seems like I do have makeup on, just with more natural tones. Makeup changed the way I see myself and other people. 
I will never forget what my makeup professor told me. He said that the most wonderful thing makeup ever taught him was that, there is not a single face in this world you can classify as ugly. And I believe it. Everyone is beautiful and makeup was created to enhance it. If you hate how your face looks without makeup, you don’t know what makeup was truly made for.

Hilarious isn't it? But makeup artists in the forum totally agree with what's been included and written in the article. I definitely agree too. ha ha! 


Saturday, 12 July 2014

New Haul! Drugstore and High end (w/ Mini Blogpost) ❤

Hi friends, I just wanted to share with you my haul today as well as a little blogpost on how my day went. Me and my family went to Trafford to spend some quality time and of course, SHOPPING. 
I went to Boots and Selfridges then bought these goodies:
  • Sleek Palette i-Divine - Vintage Romance 141 £7.99 ----- I love the overall theme of this palette, it is absolutely beautiful, the pigments; just everything. The names are so cute as well, it definitely adds a romantic touch.
  • Sanctuary Deep Cleanse Facial - 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. £7.00 ----- I have heard a lot of people hype about this product so I decided to give it a try. I am a definite junkie when it comes to facial treatment and masks. AHH! 
  • Salon at home - Instant Root Concealer in Light Blonde £9.99----- I bought this product because of its claim but unfortunately, my first impression once I tried it, wasn't good. I wish they provided a sample or tester of this product so I could try it myself and see if it gives the same effect as what was advertised. But once, I tried it on after buying it; it didn't do anything. I am still trying to get the hang of it and trying various ways to see how this product will be ever so productive I hope, for me. Because, it is a pain having to dye my roots all the time especially with this blonde hair, ahhh!  
  • Revlon Colour Burst - Matte Balm in 215 Shameless ----- Love this so much! I have been into purple, violet, and plummy shades recently, and this caught my eye straight away! There were only a few quantities left at the Boots Drugstore and most were used and somewhat ruined. Even this product that I have bought got a single fingerprint. It is quite disappointing how people can not just try one product that clearly says the, 'tester' sign. Oh well, I just needed it soooo much. haha.
  • Kiehls Skin Rescuer - Stress-Minimizing Daily Hydrator £29.50----- I am in a strict skincare schedule since last week and have been using various of masks, derma roller, microdermabrasion and so on, to help hydrate, nourish, cleanse, and resurface the skin layer of my face since I do have hay fever, my skin is reacting differently. Causing it to break out so much. Ugh. Back to the topic, I bought this product because every two days, I will be treating my face with some sort of 'trauma' that causes it to go red and irritatingly hot. I got this product as a little sachet sample from Kiehls. And It helped calm my skin also reduce the redness. I just fell in love with the effect of this!  
  • Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment w/ Avocado £20 ----- As I am running out of the Lancome Genefique Yeux (eye cream), I decided to prepare myself and buy another one, something that was somewhat organic yet cool to use (because its green, duh its avocado* haha) I can't wait to update you guys on this product. 
  • Kiehls Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo (Sample Size came with purchase)
  • Midnight Recovery Eye (Sample Size came with purchase) 
Dad treated me by buying me 10 macarons but I ate the rest ha ha . Pistachio Macarons flavour.

Trying out swatches in the back of my hand in Selfridges of new products and products that I am thinking of purchasing in the future. Shu Uemura just came out with a wide range of eyeliner colour selections. They are very pigmented and it claimed to be waterproof. They do fade a bit, If you do not apply as much. ALSO, they came out with a new mascara; In which I was hesitant to buy as I really do love the tokyo lash mascara. I will probably just wait and see If I can resist haha. It is the 'Petal Lash Mascara' £20 by the way.  

My dad also treated the family by going to TGIF (Thank God Its Friday), love the name! haha. It was his first time as well as my brother, eating there. So I definitely pushed them to go in and try the steak or ribs with the Jack Daniel Sauce. While they are absorbing the savouriness and smell of their food. I just ordered their burger in which I can recall was the 'chef's favourite', you will probably see that option on the menu when you go to TGIF. haha. It was ok, not really a big fan of bacon. However, stopping the mumbling about myself. My Dad and brother loved their food so much that my Dad even commented, (translated to english) 'I know where we are going to eat now, every time we visit  Trafford'. haha, Despite, its price; It is definitely worth it. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

YESSTYLE up to 80% off Sale ❤

Enabled Comments Section ❤

Hi friends, I just recently enabled the comments section so that you can contact me directly as well as If you got any questions regarding the topic of my post.

Thanks for keeping up with me, 

Sette Ventura. 

Update: Essence Haul. ❤

Haul time. 

So these are the products I just recently bought today and it is my first time purchasing from the Essence brand. The products I have purchased are as follows:
  • Essence Gel Look Top Coat XXXL Shine
  • Essence Big Bright Eyes Highlight it...Pearly
  • Essence Stay Concealer All Day 16hr - 20 Soft Beige (Broke the lid because I opened it wrong, haha)
  • Essence Volumizing Lash Powder  (Can't wait to review this product for you, guys!) 
  • Essence Eye Sorbet - 05 Illuminating Hazelnut
  • Essence Eye Sorbet - 01 Illuminating Pineapple
Here are the swatches of some products: 

Left: Natural light, Right: W/ Flash.
(Products Left to Right) 05 illuminating hazelnut, 01 illuminating pineapple, Big Bright Eyes Highlight, & Stay All Day Concealer then concealer blended out. 

Overall, I am definitely happy with my purchases and I can't wait to get some more. I heard the Extreme lashes mascara is one of the best as well as an 'All Night' pigmented cream eyeshadow, bronzer and blushes. I will need to give it a test before purchasing it but I am sure I will not be disappointed. WOOOP! 

Have a great day/night friends,
Sette Ventura

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

SPACE NK Online Sale! ❤

OMG! exciting news people! Space NK have extended more of their sales. And there prices are so unbelievably mind blowing! Make sure to go on it as soon as you can guys, as you know sales on makeup is definitely a rush to go out of stock. Hurry Hurry Hurry!

Haha, love y'all.
Sette Ventura. ❤

Nails: Essie - Roarrrrange ❤

Inlove with this colour. Definitely, a must have. ❤

Essence Brand ❤

Just a casual stroll in Wilkinsons, trying to make time go by quickly. Obviously, I had to go through the makeup aisle and there werent any brands that I wasn't shocked about. Just the usual brands like Rimmel and Maxfactor. However, just right at the end; I just found out that Essence was stocked up in Wilko (haha). I looked through their cosmetics range for a good 5-10minutes and bought several goodies. I will be taking pictures and informing you soon on what I got. Reception signal on the train is a bit of a pain in the arse when it comes to uploading unless you brought your cable with you. haha. 

In a bit,
Sette Ventura.❤

Thursday, 3 July 2014

New Summer Products & Favs ❤

Hi friends, here I am with another blog and video for you all. This is a video that I have taken 2 weeks ago, however, i was deciding whether to post it or not. So yeah, I made the decision that I shall post it today. YEY!

Since, it is summer and the heat wave in the UK has been going on crazzzzzy. I want to share with you products that will make you love yourself and enjoy your summer outgoings even more! These products have definitely helped me enjoy this season and I will certainly bring these with me when I go on holiday to America. Products mentioned will be below this blog.

Products mentioned(Video):

Hope you enjoyed this video! See you on the next one! 

Sette xo. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Glamour Magazine Featuring Alexa Chung. ❤

July 1 Issue: Whilst, I was walking through Tesco in the magazine section. I stumbled upon a magazine with Alexa Chung and she was promoting Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner in Black or Navy Blue. There was just a few left on the shelf, so therefore, I grabbed one with the black eyeliner. OMG, I was even going to purchase the eyeliner in Space NK. But with a deal of £2 including magazine and eyeliner, it definitely is a bargain.

Set Video and Blogging Schedule.

I have decided on the days where I will be uploading videos and what not. Because uploading on these specific dates works well for me as I might have some plans on other days.

Each week, I will uploading at least 1- 2 videos. This can either be a Vlog, Fashion or Beauty.
Then every three times per week or so, I will be blogging about my experiences.

Thanks again for keeping up with me,
Have a great night/day friends!,

Sette Ventura. <3