Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Update: Essence Haul. ❤

Haul time. 

So these are the products I just recently bought today and it is my first time purchasing from the Essence brand. The products I have purchased are as follows:
  • Essence Gel Look Top Coat XXXL Shine
  • Essence Big Bright Eyes Highlight it...Pearly
  • Essence Stay Concealer All Day 16hr - 20 Soft Beige (Broke the lid because I opened it wrong, haha)
  • Essence Volumizing Lash Powder  (Can't wait to review this product for you, guys!) 
  • Essence Eye Sorbet - 05 Illuminating Hazelnut
  • Essence Eye Sorbet - 01 Illuminating Pineapple
Here are the swatches of some products: 

Left: Natural light, Right: W/ Flash.
(Products Left to Right) 05 illuminating hazelnut, 01 illuminating pineapple, Big Bright Eyes Highlight, & Stay All Day Concealer then concealer blended out. 

Overall, I am definitely happy with my purchases and I can't wait to get some more. I heard the Extreme lashes mascara is one of the best as well as an 'All Night' pigmented cream eyeshadow, bronzer and blushes. I will need to give it a test before purchasing it but I am sure I will not be disappointed. WOOOP! 

Have a great day/night friends,
Sette Ventura

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