Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Photography by Gemma.Southworth ❤

Hi friends,

I decided to share a couple of portraits taken by my bestfriend ( GEMMA. SOUTHWORTH PHOTOGRAPHY). She is taking Photography as a course in university and is very talented and passionate on what she does. She is currently based in Manchester and Blackpool. So, if you ever need your photos taken for occasional purposes or If you need yourself a photoshoot, she's the best person to call. Here are some of her photos she took of me (African/traditional women theme):


What also made the photography session fun was that she chose me to be the MUA for her other model too. Priya Svnsn (Link to her Facebook Page) is a part-time free lance model. She was perfect for the photoshoot theme that the photographer was looking for, which are to demonstrate bold and strong stances and features representing traditional women. She suits well in the dresses picked out for her to wear. Here is one of the photos taken from the shoot: 

These are the before and on-progress transformation:

This is the Before and After :)
Makeup Products used as far as I can recall: 
  • Embryolisse Lait-creme concentre moisturiser
  • RCMA highlighter and contour , / #S-1 & S-5 (Retail Price: £25) http://bit.ly/1zhLeo4 w/ RCMA Shinto palette / #SH-4 & SH-5 (Retail Price: £25) http://bit.ly/1TA9UDf (to create shade of foundation)
  • Urban Decay Vice eyeshadow palette (1st Ed.) (#Chaos, Laced, & Black Market E/Ss)
  • Kryolan cream highlighter / #Satin (Retail Price: £12.95http://bit.ly/1SkVILV 
  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed (#Opal)
  • Bobbi brown gel eyebrow (#Rich Brown) 
  • MAC Pro Sculpting cream (#Coffee Walnut)
  • MAC Cream Colour Base (#Au Natural)
  • Milani blush (#05 Luminoso)
  • Korean lashes (#Can't exactly remember but very natural wispy lashes)
  • MUA Lipstick (#13)
  • Revlon Colour Stay Skinny Liquid Liner (#Black)
  • Laura Mercier (#translucent) setting powder
  • Rimmel eyebrow pencil (#hazel)
  • Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder (#Medium)
  • Benefit They're real mascara (#Black)
  • Illamasqua Powder Blusher / #Intrique (Retail Price: £22http://bit.ly/176V1VB
  • Beauty Blender
  • Real Technique brushes

Hair Products used: 

Update about me :) ❤

Hi beautiful people,

Just a reminder that I haven't ditched my blog site. I still love blogging and sharing my thoughts and experiences with you however, I became quite busy with university. I missed blogging so I will start again, I have so much products to review for you guys. Thank you so much for keeping up with this blog, I really appreciate your support and all your feedbacks. I am now just going to balance my time and make sure that I blog as much as I can.

Thank you for continuing to support me on blogging, 
Sette Ventura :)

*Hugs & Kisses (Recent Selfies)

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Everyday Makeup Routine using Makeup Atelier Waterproof Gel Foundation ❤

Hi friends,
Here in this post, I will be sharing with you the products that I use for my everyday errands and how I apply them on my face. It is pretty basic but I hope you do learn some tips and tricks from this video. I kept it short and sweet so that it gives you an overrall idea that you do not have to spend hours doing your own makeup, if you are just going to meet up with friends. However, it's obviously another topic if you are going to a glam night out. :) We all want the bold/smokeys makeup for that.

P.S. I forgot how HD this video is, so it didn't do much to make my skin perfect, but I guess it benefits you; since this is suppose to show the effect of the foundation (Review) and my recent makeup routine. Just all for you, lol.

Product Used/Listed: 

❤ Tools/Brushes Used
  • Dior Backstage Beauty Blender (REVIEW) (Retail Price: £12http://bit.ly/1EwL4zd
  • Boots, Cottons Pads
  • Primark Synthetic Foundation Brush
  • Real Techiques Brush
  • Urban Decay Brush
  • KLTMALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Brush Set (REVIEW
❤ Music: Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) 

Hope you all enjoyed this post and my makeup video :) 
In the next post, I will be uploading my in-depth review of the foundation including swatches, before, after pictures, and so on. 

Sette Ventura 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

New Brushes: Dupe of Sigma Kabuki Brushes?. ❤

Hi friends, I decided to do a review on these brushes that I have purchased in Amazon a few months back. My boyfriend decided to splurge on getting these for me and spoil me, haha. In this blogpost, I will be reviewing each brush and my experience with it so far. 

As you can see, the major differences between both the Sigma brushes and these KLTMALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set is that:
  • I purchased them from different websites. 
You can purchase the Sigma Beauty Kabuki Brushes (top picture) Here: 
You can purchase the KLTMALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Brush Set (second picture) Here:
  • There prices have a big gap between them.
Sigma Beauty Kabuki Brushes: Set brushes- $168  / Approx- £97.95
KLTMALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set - £13.77 w/ free delivery. 
  • The KLTMALL Premium Brushes are faux gold plated and the Sigma Kabukis are Silver.
  • Sigma Kabuki Brush Set consists of 9 brushes whereas KLTMALL Kabuki Brush Set has 8.
  • Comparing the brushes provided in the set: Sigma Brush Set have F88 Flat Angled Kabuki & P88 Precision Flat Angled which KLTMALL does not have but rather another eyeshadow brush which have longer bristles (picture included below) 
Before, I start reviewing each brushes and what the major differences are, I want to point out that I am not sponsored or contacted to make this review, All opinion-based comments are from personal experience. 

KLTMALL's claim on the Kabuki Brush Set (Description taken from the website) also, included in the description are directions on how to use each brush:
  • Large Brush Bristles Length: approx. 15.5cm
  • Handle Diameter: approx. 2cm
  • SYNTHETIC brush hair.
  • Small Brush Bristles Length: approx 18.5cm
  • Handle Diameter: approx 1.2cm
  • SYNTHETIC brush hair.

Now onto reviewing each brushes, I will be starting off with the Large brushes. (Click Picture to View Full-Sized Image)

F86 Tapered Kabuki:
- Natural Hair
- Quite Brittle
- Perfect use for cream and liquid products
- Not ideal for powder applications
- Sturdy handle
- Quite hard to clean as you really need to massage it to remove product trapped in the center of the bristles

F84 Angled Kabuki:
- Natural Hair
- Soft bristles
- Perfect for blending and contouring
- Perfect for liquid, cream and powder applications
- Sturdy handle
- Quite too wide for a precise contour
- Easy to clean

F80 Flat Kabuki:
- Natural Hair
- Soft bristles
- Flat top
- Perfect for liquid, cream and powder applications
- Sturdy Handle
- Great for foundation applications
- Easy to clean

F82 Round Kabuki:
- Natural Hair
- Soft Bristles
- Domed shape
- Perfect for cream and liquid applications
- Not ideal for powder as bristles are too compact
- Sturdy handle
- Difficult to clean as its hard to clean center of bristles.

Small brushes: 

P84 Precision Angled:
- Soft bristles
- Natural hair
- Perfect for shading, blending and adding colour to the crease/socket of the eyes
- Too wide for inner corners and eyeliner
- Sturdy handle
- Easy to clean

P82 Precision Round:
- Soft bristles
- Easy to clean
- Sturdy handle
- Perfect for blending, shading, and putting on eyeshadow on lid.
- Perfect for blending concealer
- Natural Hair

P86 Precision Tapered:
- Sturdy handle and bristles
- Easy to clean
- Perfect for blending eyeliner, applying eyeshadow on inner corners and shaping/sculpting eye socket/crease.

This is just a random added brush as part of the collection. It is just a smaller version of the F80 Flat Kabuki.
- Perfect for blending and shading
- Sturdy Handle
- Soft Bristles
- Natural Hairs
Perfect for applying highlighter/concealer.


It has been months since I have used these brushes and I can happily tell you that it is worth the investment. They all are high-quality standard in terms of the bristles and the handles. So far, I have not seen any fading in terms of the brush handle and any fall outs from the brush hairs. Plus, they are very easy to clean and use. For the worth of its price, it is definitely a bargain and a perfect gift to someone who loves makeup. Also, a perfect brush set for a beginner.

I am not here to bash any companies out, however sometimes it's not about the brand but the use, price and importance in quality of the products.

I hope you enjoyed this post, :)
Thank you for reading,

Sette Ventura ❤

Thursday, 22 January 2015

My Top 14 Picks of 2014 ❤

Hey Girlies and guys,

Belated Happy New Year! I've missed you all and since I have not been on for a month and a few weeks. I will be posting 3-4 posts this week coming, starting today. As stated on the title of this blogpost. I am happily going to share with you all -- MY TOP 14 PRODUCTS of 2O14. Yey!

In no particular order:

These are my top 14 products of 2014. Although, there are many more products that I came to love in that year; these 14 have definitely changed my passion in makeup. 

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, If you have any questions about the products that I have shown or you want me to do a review. Just let me know down below. 

Thank you friends,
Sette Ventura ❤

21st Birthday ❤ NOV 29 2O14


Happy New 2O15 and Personal Update ❤

Hi again friends, (This post can be quite personal: Stated in title )

I have been slacking a bit on my blog but ofcourse, I will never neglect it. I have been catching up with a lot of things in preparation for my university course again since I am going to another university studying a more serious degree. I got so much priorities to sort out and sometimes, it's making me so stressed, haha. But I do try and make myself have a breathe-r and relax from time to time. I also, got employed in Debenhams as a temporary restaurant assistant to save up and build more experience for my resume. How fun. It was definitely a good experience and they have a really good working team. I had my drama from time to time there, but I am glad that I have finished my contract thus, saving me from actually quitting lol. I'm proud of myself.

I have accumulated a lot of products to review for my blog and I cannot wait to share it with you all. There are just a few products that weren't working for me properly but the rest are just -- well they changed my life and made me love makeup even more. Lets just put it that way.

I haven't been watching a lot of Youtube Guru's lately since I have soo much to catch up on. However, I do visit my asian friends Youtube channels as well as other blogs. I guess, it is easier if you just find a blog post that is solely dedicated to a product you are looking to purchase or know.

Back a couple of blogposts ago, I have listed a few topics that I will be covering but, unfortunately some cannot be continued. I have now marked those blog post with an indication of (X).

List of blogposts:
  1. Contouring & Highlighting -- Products and Demo
  2. Hair Update -- Colouring, Caring & Products
  3. Arabian Inspired Makeup Looks 
  4. Favourite Highlighters -- Dupes (3 Seperate Posts via undertones)
  5. Review on Desio Lens (Desio VS Geo Lens Yes Style) 
  6. Vlogs.
  7. Update on Everyday Makeup Routine (LINK)
  8. Valentines Inspired Makeup 
Thank you for keeping up with me,
I am very grateful that you have the time to read this.

My first makeup related blog post will be up; later on today.

Love y'all,
Sette Ventura ❤