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New Brushes: Dupe of Sigma Kabuki Brushes?. ❤

Hi friends, I decided to do a review on these brushes that I have purchased in Amazon a few months back. My boyfriend decided to splurge on getting these for me and spoil me, haha. In this blogpost, I will be reviewing each brush and my experience with it so far. 

As you can see, the major differences between both the Sigma brushes and these KLTMALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set is that:
  • I purchased them from different websites. 
You can purchase the Sigma Beauty Kabuki Brushes (top picture) Here: 
You can purchase the KLTMALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Brush Set (second picture) Here:
  • There prices have a big gap between them.
Sigma Beauty Kabuki Brushes: Set brushes- $168  / Approx- £97.95
KLTMALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set - £13.77 w/ free delivery. 
  • The KLTMALL Premium Brushes are faux gold plated and the Sigma Kabukis are Silver.
  • Sigma Kabuki Brush Set consists of 9 brushes whereas KLTMALL Kabuki Brush Set has 8.
  • Comparing the brushes provided in the set: Sigma Brush Set have F88 Flat Angled Kabuki & P88 Precision Flat Angled which KLTMALL does not have but rather another eyeshadow brush which have longer bristles (picture included below) 
Before, I start reviewing each brushes and what the major differences are, I want to point out that I am not sponsored or contacted to make this review, All opinion-based comments are from personal experience. 

KLTMALL's claim on the Kabuki Brush Set (Description taken from the website) also, included in the description are directions on how to use each brush:
  • Large Brush Bristles Length: approx. 15.5cm
  • Handle Diameter: approx. 2cm
  • SYNTHETIC brush hair.
  • Small Brush Bristles Length: approx 18.5cm
  • Handle Diameter: approx 1.2cm
  • SYNTHETIC brush hair.

Now onto reviewing each brushes, I will be starting off with the Large brushes. (Click Picture to View Full-Sized Image)

F86 Tapered Kabuki:
- Natural Hair
- Quite Brittle
- Perfect use for cream and liquid products
- Not ideal for powder applications
- Sturdy handle
- Quite hard to clean as you really need to massage it to remove product trapped in the center of the bristles

F84 Angled Kabuki:
- Natural Hair
- Soft bristles
- Perfect for blending and contouring
- Perfect for liquid, cream and powder applications
- Sturdy handle
- Quite too wide for a precise contour
- Easy to clean

F80 Flat Kabuki:
- Natural Hair
- Soft bristles
- Flat top
- Perfect for liquid, cream and powder applications
- Sturdy Handle
- Great for foundation applications
- Easy to clean

F82 Round Kabuki:
- Natural Hair
- Soft Bristles
- Domed shape
- Perfect for cream and liquid applications
- Not ideal for powder as bristles are too compact
- Sturdy handle
- Difficult to clean as its hard to clean center of bristles.

Small brushes: 

P84 Precision Angled:
- Soft bristles
- Natural hair
- Perfect for shading, blending and adding colour to the crease/socket of the eyes
- Too wide for inner corners and eyeliner
- Sturdy handle
- Easy to clean

P82 Precision Round:
- Soft bristles
- Easy to clean
- Sturdy handle
- Perfect for blending, shading, and putting on eyeshadow on lid.
- Perfect for blending concealer
- Natural Hair

P86 Precision Tapered:
- Sturdy handle and bristles
- Easy to clean
- Perfect for blending eyeliner, applying eyeshadow on inner corners and shaping/sculpting eye socket/crease.

This is just a random added brush as part of the collection. It is just a smaller version of the F80 Flat Kabuki.
- Perfect for blending and shading
- Sturdy Handle
- Soft Bristles
- Natural Hairs
Perfect for applying highlighter/concealer.


It has been months since I have used these brushes and I can happily tell you that it is worth the investment. They all are high-quality standard in terms of the bristles and the handles. So far, I have not seen any fading in terms of the brush handle and any fall outs from the brush hairs. Plus, they are very easy to clean and use. For the worth of its price, it is definitely a bargain and a perfect gift to someone who loves makeup. Also, a perfect brush set for a beginner.

I am not here to bash any companies out, however sometimes it's not about the brand but the use, price and importance in quality of the products.

I hope you enjoyed this post, :)
Thank you for reading,

Sette Ventura ❤

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