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As this blog's attribution is to deliver my own opinion and reviews to the people who are interested in beauty, fashion & Lifestyle. I am very open to share my own views under these titles.

For any companies or business enquiries wishing to contact me or send me any products to review. Please do email me @ with a summary headline stating clearly what you wanted to address, such as 'product review' 'business enquiries'.

My reviews that I give out will be based out of experience on using the product. I particularly focus merely on the quality as well as the effectiveness of the product thus, may delay for a good week or so. If in any case a particular product does not work well for me, I will not proceed on making a review however, I will gladly point out any improvements that can be highlighted for the benefit of other people using it, this will be stated in a form of an email to the business.

Thank you.

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