Saturday, 6 September 2014

Hi Guys&Girls! Update Update Blogpost :) ❤

Hi guys, sorry I haven't been updating you all for a bit. But I assure you that I will start blogging again since I am back in the UK.

Sneak Peak? 

I got some exciting news coming up! I have another collaboration video coming up soon again! This time, its a marvel theme kind of genre. It is coming out on the 10thSept, so patience dears :)

I am so grateful to have collab with these lovely people, they are so talented and beyond beautiful. You people need to definitely check them out! I will link all their YT links in this post :) Enjoy! Miss you all!

Marvel Heroes: 

Storm by Kissy Nanaman 
Wonder Woman by makeupbysweetheart
Rogue by itshannahjoshua
Batgirl by Crisa's Passion
Gambit by jendionson
Black Widow by Sandee Proud
Spider Woman by myglamchildjaja
Invisible Woman by krislumagui
Mockingbird by YourstrulyAzenU
Marvel Villains: 

Cheetah by Sette Ventura
Viper by Brevie Lou
Harley Quinn by kathy grace Demetillo
Mystique by LittleMsEms
Cat Woman by Anne Clutz
Enchantress by Bing Castro
Poison Ivy by makeup and polish
Dark Pheonix by candyloveart
Silver Banshee by wildlyprofuse

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