Monday, 24 November 2014

Collective Haul 2014 ❤

Hey friends, 

I apologise again for lacking on making videos and posting blogposts on this blog. However, to make up for all the long wait, I subjected a new video and its a collective haul of all the makeup and beauty necessities I have accumulated during these past few months. They are a mixture of high-end to drugstore cosmetics and have exceeded my expectations, well most of them. I absolutely adored these products and I definitely recommend all of it. Some may be over-priced but, you never know.. Christmas is just round the corner ;) 

Considering how long this video is, I have done my best to shorten it and ensured that I wouldn't rumble on too much. Still though, I thank you for spending your time watching it and now you're on my blog reading this :) It makes me smile. 
The swatches and more in-depth review of such products will most certainly happen as I do not want to disappoint you all. It would be a great pleasure to share my experience and opinions of these cosmetics stated on my Youtube video. 

 Products Listed:
  • Revolution Eye Palette - Redemption Palette / Acid Brights (Swatches will be up soon/Link) 
  • Revolution Eye Palette - Salvation Palette / Welcome to the Pleasure dome (Swatches will be up soon/Link) 
  • Revolution Single Eyeshadows - #Hang up, #MMMM, #BASE!, #Pink Is It
  • Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette (Retail Price: £34 (REVIEW: LINK)
  • Laura Mercier - Illuminating Eye Colour / #Crystal Fantasy (Retail Price: £5)

I hope you enjoyed the YT video and this blog posts, friends. Have a great holidays and hope you had a great weekend. Thank you again.

Love y'alllll, 

Sette Ventura  


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    1. Thank you so much for your continuance of supporting my blog :) You are inspiring me too to blog more. Thanks again <3 *lovess

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