Friday, 14 November 2014

Quick Update ❤

Hello friends,

First of all, I just wanted to say sorry for neglecting you for weeks. I became so busy with running errands and having to keep up with my new job. Oh how fun. But the good news is, I will start reviewing some products tomorrow and onwards on products that has been longly awaited for. Also, I have tried and experienced using such products for a while now and can honestly, say my varied opinions and share my experience with it. I am very lucky to have you guys who have been keeping up with this blog and I would like to thank you so much for your patience. It has been a good motivator boost to assure that my blog is kept up-to-date as much as I can. I will list in this blogpost the reviews that are going to be featured in the blog as well as extra bits and bobs about my adventures, If you do fancy knowing what I have been up to. Ha ha. However, I could not guarantee to you that some of these blog posts will be posted in order but I most certainly will assure that every one of these blog posts are achieved and posted.

Blog posts coming up soon: 

  1. Beauty Blender VS. Dior Blending Sponge (Done)
  2. Yes Style Skincare Haul and Reviews
  3. MAC Contouring shades (Cream) and how I use them. 
  4. Monster High Collaboration - Dracula Inspired (X)
  5. Collection Haul Vid (Done)
  6. Update on hair and products used.
  7. My new job and what I have been up to lately. 
  8. Autumn Inspired Look 
  9. Review on Desio Lens (Desio) VS Geo Lens (Yes Style) 
  10. Update on Skincare Routine
  11. Update on Everyday Makeup Routine
  12. Favourite Highlighters.
  13. Must Haves and Top 14 Products of 2014 (Done)
  14. Vlogs (Continuing to 2015)
  15. Contouring & Highlighting Makeup Routine - Tips & Tricks
  16. New Years Resolution & How I can achieve it. (X)
  17. Gym Journey & Diet Plan 
  18. Plans I will be doing next year
I will be posting my new blog post this Sunday, 16th of November about my experience using the Beauty Blender and Dior Blending Sponge. 

I miss you guys and I hope you have a great day.
Love love you all

P.s. I have changed my Instagram Username to: Setteventura

Sette Ventura

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