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Mint Touch of Summer Eye Makeup Tutorial ❤

As mentioned in the previous post, I do not want to fail in uploading this eye makeup look as well as an expanded list of directions on how I used the products to achieve such beautiful yet simple eye makeup look. It is certainly wearable and attractive to wear for this season. Also, it is perfect with people who have darker eyes like me.

If you haven't seen my face makeup routine yet, I suggest you watch that first If you want to know more about what I used and how I used such product to gain a flawless canvas. (Blog Post)   (Youtube Video)

As a note, before I mention all the things relating with this eye make-up look, you will notice from my previous video that I applied the Max Factor CC Corrector on my lids to act as my base because I do have oily eye lids.

Products used to achieve this mint summer look (haha) :


Probably, my preferred technique on how I fill out my brows to make it look fuller and natural. Although, I do use more product than I am supposed to.. It still comes out looking softer however, you need to at least do a little blending with your spooly.

A good trick to make your eyelashes look fuller is by tight lining your upper rim of your eyelids with a dark eyeliner, whether it is black or grey. I chose this eyeliner since I don't really like using too much of a black eyeliner because it gives the effect of smaller looking eyes. And you know, as an asian; it is all about accentuating your eyes. Small eyes < Bigger eyes.
 OMG, this eyeshadow pencil is bombdiginty! While, I was strolling past the makeup section in Superdrug. There newly eyeshadow pencil range that was just recently released caught my attention not just because of how inexpensive they were but because the colours were pretty and very wearable. Anyways, I applied this eyeshadow pencil all over my lid to act as another base but this time, it will help warm up the eyeshadow I will be patting on top of it. Simples.
This grey eyeshadow got a tint of red to it therefore would look great on brows too! However, for this look; I am just patting this eyeshadow on to my lids again. After so, the key here for this makeup look is blending therefore, blend away. We do not want harshness in any of our looks unless you like it that way. 
Although, this is a powder bronzer, It looks astonishing on the crease area of our eyelids. I'm guessing, If you watched the video; you'll see the full effect it gives. Smokey, right?. Don't forget to blend again. 
Ahh! Couldn't have enough of this eyeliner. It is absolutely gorgeous especially on the eyes. Apply this on your water line and let it set for a good 2-3 seconds then after go to the next step ;) 
Yes, I know. We already got an eyeliner on our waterline but what's better than applying another shade of colour? the previous eyeliner was a metallic turquoise colour but I wanted more of a combat/royal blue tint too. So why not? And a good tip for you too, apply this on or add several more coats and you'll find your eyeliner staying on your waterline for hours and hours. I dragged the eyeliner quite high a bit so that it will blend softly with the tight line liner. 
This is one of my favourite black liquid liner in the drugstores. It lasts for hours with a bit of tweaking here and there. Apply this product on to your eyelids near your eyelashes bearing in mind that we will be applying lashes therefore you can apply it a lot thicker if you want or as a starting point to help/guide you whilst applying your lashes.
This was just a random pick up, but I decided why not. Experimenting using this eyeliner product with this eye look. And it still looks fab. I add a dab of this on the centre of my eyelids and blend it a little bit since It does dry up quite quickly. Further into it, I applied a little bit on the bottom lash line, not too extravagant but enough to add a little more shimmer. Beautiful, isn't it? 
I applied this mascara just on the bottom lashes to ensure I do not disturb the magic under that area of the eyes. 
What completes the look? Obviously, lashes! I'm not much of a lashes kind of person but I know what completes a makeup look and it is to add this. I chose quite natural ones, since those big flared out lashes makes my eyes look smaller even though, they are so glam. I'm so jealous of you, If you suit wearing big beautiful fake lashes. 
Before I forgot, I added this highlighter on my inner eyelid to make my eyes pop! This yellow toned highlighter compliments the blue/mint colour in our waterline. It makes it look so tropical. 

Other products? 

Lips: MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil - Nice 'n' Spicy
MAC Cremesheen lipstick- Ravishing AA2

Top: H&M 


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