Monday, 23 June 2014

Summer Festival Fashion Look OOTD ❤

Hi friends, I put up a clothing look in which is perfect for that summer fun vibe. It is simple yet inexpensive. All details about this look will be in my LookBook such as where I got such top and shorts from as well as the links where you can buy it. It is definitely a festival to casual day friendly look. 

I love how this top accentuates my collar bones as well as the colour of my hair which is this ashy blonde. The cut out on the back of this top is so beautiful, it is actually one of the reasons why I bought this top. Since the front is so simple but behind is just unbelievably breathtaking. The shorts are one of my staples in my wardrobe, perfect for those sunny days. Another perfect point about this outfit too is that it suits any accessories and shoes you want to wear however, do avoid wearing pointed heels as it drags the look a bit. I suggest flats, high-to-short length boots, wedges or gladiator shoes. 

haha my dog.

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