Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Pink Summer Tutorial using Drugstore Products ❤

Hello friends, I decided to create a festival friendly look with the makeup, hair and clothing wear. It is fairly easy and affordable. I absolutely love making this video as well as creating this look. It is super fun yet girly at the same time. It suits any occasions really from casual days, chilling with friends and going to events like festivals. It is definitely perfect for this UK weather! I have a separate blogpost and Lookbook link to know more about my outfit on this video and blogpost.

❤ OOTD Festival Friendly Look: (Follow me in LookBook) :)

What I haven't included in the video was that I applied some sort of moisturiser with SPF for protection from UV rays as well as a good base for my makeup. Also, I did not apply any drugstore foundation as I do not really need it as much because it will just slip off from your face therefore, concealer was the best option for me because its coverage is not doubtful. haha.
FYI. the hair spray can be quite messy do not spray near your fabric as it will do transfer make sure its arms length and sprayed in an high angled perspective and I know I spelt 'Pallette' wrong haha, my bad. Otherwise, I hope you do all enjoy this tutorial.

Products to achieve this Pink Summer tutorial: 

I used this product on areas where I needed coverage and to lighten up areas that contains different darkening pigmentations. I will also use this on different areas of my face where I will be applying my concealer.
I used this product to set my concealer. 
I applied this on my water line. 
Waterproof is a way to go, if you are going to events that are highly likely to be super hot! 
Add that pop of hot pink on your lips, ladies! 
I added this hair spray onto my hair because it looks pretty! but be careful, it can be quite messy. (Review Soon)

Other Products: 
  • Hair Piece: Primark
  • Contact Lens: Desio Lens :) (Review Soon)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial :) Have a great day/night friends! 

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