Wednesday, 18 June 2014

This weeks favs. ❤

Frid 13th -Weds18th June. 
I wanted to share a couple of products that has been making me survive the start of summer in the UK. My hay fever is quite bad this year compared from before, so i just need something that will make me feel at least a little tad better. These products have definitely gave me that umpf this week and last month. It is my go-to makeup products.

From left to right:
Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment:
My hair have been looking dull and super dry at the moment as I have been colouring my hair with multiple of products to make it as blonde as it can now. I know that it is a sign of a hair rescue mission using loads of products to revive its natural state again. However, although some of the products I have been using at the moment have been giving me effective results; I started to look at my hair oil/serum collection and this by far have been my favourite. It gives my blonde hair such a radiant touch as well as helping it regain its natural oils.I apply this product by massaging it from the ends of the hair then the remaining residue left on my palms is applied directly on the top of my hair. I make sure that I avoid applying too much oil on the roots as It may look too greasy.

Brows: Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit &+ MAC Brow Set:

I have been loving this combo a lot! Ever since, I have dyed my hair lighter. It was a must for me to lighten my brows too. Therefore, I bleached it using the Jolens product. My eyebrow looks so lighter and it changed my whole outlook but it made my application of using brow products easier. These two products gave me the fullest looking brows that suits my hair colour at the moment. And I am super in love with it!

Lips: MAC lip combo. Dervish &+ Matte Please Me:

Looking for a more natural lip combo? This is my go-to favourite lip combo at the moment. Directions on how I use it is below:

Beautiful Colour! Make sure to moisturise your lips first, as a matte lipstick is a no go when it comes to dry dry lips.

Eyes: NARS Eyeliner &+ Charlotte Tilbury Mascara

Need I say more? This eyeliner is amazzzingg! It is almost a dupe of the Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude eyeliner. It just makes you so awake and despite me having a terrible hay fever, it makes my eyes look awake and bright. The mascara is gorgeous too when combined using some sort of good quality eyelash curler like Shu Uemura or their own brand eyelash curler.

Simple Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes:

You could not go wrong with good quality face wipes. I use this to remove my face and eye makeup as well as in days where I just want my face to freshen up. I prefer these more than any other makeup wipes I have tried. Although, the prices kept dodging and changing from time to time. I still love it!

Face: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in Warm Neutral:

If you are looking for a natural foundation that have light coverage yet still looks like skin? Want something easy to travel with in your handbag without gaining the extra pound to carry? No worries guys! This product is for you! Although, Bobbi Brown have been focusing more on the people who have a yellow undertone. They have came up with these in a variety of shades which I am sure that you will find your perfect match. The price is quite up there but I am telling you this will make your face look even more flawless and it is also a nice makeup gift for your loved one. The packaging is  simple yet classy. It is a smooth application and very blendable (as shown below) and can also be blended with a moist beauty blender. Such a fantastic product.


Thats it for this weeks/last month's favs. I hope you enjoyed this post. 
I will start making more of these kinds of posts as well as little snippets of video tutorials or whatnot. 
P.s. The products can be purchased by clicking the name in the section where products were listed. 
Have a blessed day! - Sette V. ♥ 

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