Friday, 25 April 2014

Hair rescue dye. ❤

As you can see, I have been experiencing more than five colours (red, brown, blonde, ashy blonde, strawberry blonde, dark orange, maroon, black, yellow) in my hair. This is how it looks like mostly in all patches.. Un-evenness, brassiness, dryness. EEK! ikr. It has made me so insecure about myself since it looks so bad. Therefore, I needed a hair dye rescue! First, I lightened my hair with Garnier's lightener on my roots to lift my base which is an exact 1 or 2 to at least a 6 or 7. Obviously, it turned ginger, i expected that since it is the only certain thing that would actually happen after dying dark hair to light. After a few hours, of developing and stuff like that; I washed it off and air-dried. Whilst, my hair is about somewhat dry; i prepared the second part; which is dying my base (roots) to a dark ashy brown colour. After so, I spread it from the root to the end of each strand. The smell was so strong that it left my eyes stinging and watering; Alistair even had to go out the bedroom because it was that strong. However, I just needed it done. 

I loved the outcome and for now; before I lighten the end of my hair again to blonde; I will need to give my hair a rest for at least a day; without washing, any heat products or dying. This will help me retain the oils; I have lost from lightening and dying my hair. 

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