Friday, 18 April 2014

What-to-do list before University. ❤

Since, I am already a university student in Manchester Met studying H&SC for almost one year. I decided to re-apply again in UCAS to study adult nursing. Months after, I have been given a conditional offer to study this course in Salford Uni. And yes, it is very exciting. I have heard many people in my course mentioning that most of the people they know that finished H&SC have advised them to finish the two years as it is unlikely that studying for only a year of H&SC wouldn't get you into the course. Well guess what, it is possible. And it comes to show that, even in an environment in which my classmates are blabbering these negativity shiz on me, having an unlikely chance getting into a better course; it is possible for anything to happen. As long as you believe that you really want it and you are willing to risk your chances so you could get to your goal then you will be surprised by the results. I mean its either the two, you win or you try again. Seriously, negativity or rumours should not get in your way of making your dreams come true. As you can see, mine is still in progress.

Anyhow, my conditional offer consists of me achieving a pass on my H&SC, so its to be sure; easy peasy. I need to also view flats around salford; and this, I know will certainly be stressful. Since, I am already in student halls; I just want to have my own kitchen to myself lol. Costly as it seems, but you can cook whatever you want without worrying someone might complain about the smell. ha ha. Budgeting is never my best friend, I tried so hard but it never gets along with me. But I will try again. Hopefully, a method in which I can construct myself can work perfectly (sarcasm). I have to sort out my student loan, nhsbursary, fee assessment, etc. Which are all an absolute headache to do. However, It's gotta be done; sooner or later, right?. Plus, I do not need to worry about it for another year, If I get these out of the way. (says my boyfriend with an advisable tone)

I am very grateful for having my boyfriend, tutors, family and friends supporting me through this journey and advising me. I could not imagine myself right now, in this position without them.  

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