Friday, 18 April 2014

A creation of something beautiful ❤

You may be wondering who am I? and If you do know me, you may be thinking; what is she doing? what an absolute weirdo. I know, right. You are right, I am all those things; that is why I have decided to create this little blog to write as a diary of all the memories I'm about to stumble upon and it is getting me excited! I will be posting mostly on what my interests are and If I do have an exciting moment/day/week that is worth sharing. I think blogging about something you are also passionate about is important since It is a part of you where you are likely to want to share to the world. Mostly these thingy majiggys are consisted of beautyness, fitness, family, friends and boyfriend moments, travelling, discovering weird/new things, personal experiences with my university or whatnot, life lessons, what-to-do and what-not-to-do since I can control you and boss you around, ha ha joke. Any way, mostly around those topics. If you think It may be boring, then sorry. I am not in the mood to impress a human-being who does not appreciate a work of an individual's life. I mean, in reference to Mother Theresa's quote: "If you judge people, you may not have time to love them". So this will make you re-think me a little. Thank you for reading this nonsense post; but it is somehow needed to be out there sooner or later. So why not make it a first post? :)

My blog name will be Sette Ventura, since I do not really want to reveal my whole name but its easy to find. Finally, It is great that you happen to bump into my blog, I am very grateful and thank you for your time. This is me, if ever you want to imagine what I look like, lol. You are welcome. 

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