Saturday, 19 April 2014

My skincare products. ❤

These are the products that I have used for my skincare routine whenever I want to pamper myself. I left some of the other products in my flat but ill show them as well when i get hold of it. For now, ill just be talking about these products.
Product list and description: (from left to right)
- Makeup wipes: I use either Simple or Johnsons makeup wipes. Price range: £2-3. I tend to lean more against wipes nowadays since I want something quick and easy to use to remove my face makeup after a busy day.

- Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense, SPF 50 PA+++, 60ml: £31.00 @ Selfridges. This product is still quite new to me but I am actually really loving this especially under my make-up when I am going out and running some errands. Its consistence is not thick like usually sunscreen since it contains SPF 50 and it feels really refreshing and light on the face after applying it. Why SPF 50? I have been looking for a good SPF face lotion as summer is coming and I needed some kind of sun protection on my face without carrying the weight of brick on my face (sarcasm). Therefore, after trying this product on the back of my hand as a demo; i suddenly wanted to purchase it because it is the right consistence and texture I wanted to use for a daily skin routine. I have also been having dark spots from previous blemishes/spots, so hopefully this product wouldn't make those spots darker. 

- Kiehls Epidermal Re-texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion, 75ml: £39.50 @ Selfridges. I have been doing a lot of research in terms of micro-dermabrasion to help with re-texturizing the skins surface on my face to create a cleaner and hydrated-looking layer because mine right now looks really dull so I need to cheer it up right? haha I'm funny. Any ways, it also have the bumpy texture which I know are clogged pores and dead skin cells. This calls obviously for an emergency to remove such horrible things. Even though, I have just been using this for only two times; I actually see a difference and my face feels so nice after it. The person who was at the Kiehls counter advised me some directions and tips on how to use this. Firstly, for the face you apparently needed just a pea size amount of product then concentrate it more on the area where you want re-texturizing and spread the product on the other areas of the face. While massaging this product onto the skin, it has to be in circular motions for at least 30 seconds but a maximum of 2 minutes then rinsing it after with cold water and pat dry the face. He also told me that it is advisable to use this product a max of 2 times a week. But if you want faster results then obviously you want to do more right? I'm not rushing though. 

- Shu Uemura Skin Purifier, Anti/Oxi, 150ml: £29.50 @ Selfridges at Trafford. While looking around in Selfridges, I stumbled upon the Shu Uemura counter and remembered researching online about which products are the best for make-up removers specifically waterproof makeup. I spoke with the shop assistant on the counter and she convinced me more on how amazing Shu Uemura oil cleansers are! So I was like Why Not? I did not know what to choose since there was a lot of them but I told her my specifics which are removing waterproof makeup (mascara) which is gentle for the eyes and not as harsh then she recommended this and chose to show me how it works and how to use it on the back of my hand with eyeshadows dragged across the back of it. It is amazing! and it left the back of my hand feelings soft as a baby's bottom haha. Also, the colour is so unusual and very daring. Love it.

- EOS lipbalm: £5.99 @ Harvey Nichols. Since I have been seeing this on trend especially in America. I decided to purchase it at Harveys. They have a range of different flavours and I specifically just wanted mint because I like mint stuff and it feels refreshing like the after feeling of  brushing your teeth. Also, what could go wrong with a lip balm? especially with this UK weather, it is like chappy lips all day err day, which is a no, no, no. Oh yeah, I also do love the shape of it; i get into the habit of loving to roll it around my lips as it looks like an egg haha. 

- Lancome Genefique 30ml: £59.00 @ Debenhams. This product is like a miracle in a little bottle. I have had my fair share of experiences with this product for a good almost 2 years. Despite its pricing range, after all the hype from the previous years; it has led me to purchase it especially with the boxing day sales. I have soo much to talk about this serum that it deserves to be in an another post and don't worry I will do it sooner or whatnot. As a summary of this product, it maintains the skins youthness ;) 

- Lancome Genefique Yeux (eye cream) 15ml: £39.00 @ Debenhams. I have also been using this eye cream for a good 2 years with the Lancome Genefique Face Serum. However, I do not really love this as much as the serum but it does claim to hydrate the skin underneath my eyes. I am thinking of purchasing the avocado eye cream by Kiehls as it looks really cool to experiment on! 

- Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Day 50ml: £39.50 @ Debenhams. I was debating merely on what moisturiser to buy and decided to buy one on the spot as I am running out of moisturiser. Previously, I have been using the Simple face moisturiser and I love the consistency it also it does not contain any fragrance. On the other hand, after looking at other moisturisers; I preferably wanted to choose something from Lancome again so that It will work best with the genefique serum and eye cream. The shop assistant on the Lancome counter recommended this product and I fell in love with the packaging. It's so cute, right? However, the only issue I have with this moisturiser is its strong fragrance; I feel like whenever I apply this on my face; I spray tons of perfume on my face like seriously the feeling of too much chemicals. EEK! I am thinking of purchasing the one from Clinique in the yellow packaging, apparently that's good. I might not be able to use mostly all of this product because of that very reason. Its a waste of money though. 

- Vitamin C, Super anti-oxidant, Advanced face serum: £15 @ TK Maxx UK. As I research more about skincare and what nutrients are vital and needed to maintain a healthy looking face. I have found a lot of information that are required to be in your skincare routine and one of which are Vitamin C. I mean, I do lack of it; I really need to sort my diet out. I went in TK Maxx through to the skin care section and they were selling a lot of face serums with different vitamins like B and D. However, I specifically and obviously needed the vitamin C for anti-oxidant reasons right?. So yeah, i put this product on my face as part of my everyday routine on the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. It is like feeding your skin with this product. :) 

So that is all about some of my skincare products I use at the moment. I will be creating another post on some of the products I didn't bring with me to share my thoughts on it. :) but for now, tah-tah. 

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